Preparatory Level A-0


Level A0 program

What you will get?

28 Lessons

114 Videos

94 Excercises

preparatory level – A0

About The Module

We have added the level A0 (which doesn’t exist in the CEFRL scale), to distinguish those who are new to the Arabic language and have never learned it.

Based on a playful approach, the introductory level aims to make the characteristics of Arabic letters familiar to children, to get them used to correcting their pronunciation, and it aims also to make them discover new forms of writing through having fun, playing games, addressing and paying attention.

This level also teaches the conversion of a sound into a written letter (writing) and conversely (reading). The child can read only the letter or the whole word then he can memorize a new vocabulary that will give him basic language knowledge that is essential for the next level.