Start Learning Arabic Online with Expert Teachers

Thanks to a privilege access to a learning space on our so-called “virtual classroom” platform, the learner can take classes from home with unlimited time. It is possible for him to follow the lessons with the accompaniment of the teacher.


Preparatory Level A-0

The introductory level aims to make the characteristics of Arabic letters familiar to children.


Level 1 - A1.1

Improve the learner’s pronunciation and familiarize him with the sounds of Arabic letters.

Level 2 - A1.2

The learner is able to read the letters and use them in short, simple words or sentences.


Level 3 - A2.1

The learner is able to form sentences and read correctly. He learns the basic rules of grammar, conjugation and spelling.


Level 4 - A2.2

He expresses himself properly, in both oral and written forms, and he knows how to describe in an accurate and detailed manner.


Level 5 - B1.1

The learner reads Arabic texts correctly, understands their different meanings and knows how to reformulate them.


Level 6 - B1.2

In this last module, the learner is able to translate his thoughts into spoken and written language.