Common Questions

can i watch all the lessons ?

If you have a free account, you can access only 14 lessons for a limited time.
To watch all our 135 lessons, you have to buy the 7 modules available in our product catalog.

can I register for free ?


We offer free access for 7 lessons.
This access includes 14 videos and 59 exercises.
No credit card required before or after registration.

Visit the Our plans page to see all the benefits of each plan

Can i download the videos ?

No, our videos are all streamed only.
Please note that all associated lessons are © Anas.

Can I know my level in Arabic before starting a plan?

Yes, we have a free test, it only takes 10 minutes.
With this test you will get an idea which course you should start with

can i cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, our sales system is done by Module (access 6 months)
this means that, if you choose to start level 1, your child will have access to lessons for a period of 6 months without automatic renewal.
If you want to continue with level 2, you can make a new subscription for 6 months.